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WeedGator® Products Weed Cutter & Cattail Cutter Pro Bundle

WeedGator® Products Weed Cutter & Cattail Cutter Pro Bundle

Get the WeedGator® Weed Cutter AND Cattail Cutter Pro!

Need to tackle both aquatic weeds and cattails or other tough brush together? This is the bundle for you! It comes with the original WeedGator® Weed Cutter for all those annoying aquatic weeds and with the all new WeedGator® Cattail Cutter Pro for those tough fibrous brush and cattails.

The WeedGator® Weed Cutter is the #1 aquatic weed cutter and rake available today. It is designed to perform CPR on your waterfront in minutes, not days, allowing you to enjoy your waterfront the same day! It will Cut, Pull, and Rake all mil-foil, hydrilla, duck weed, lily pads, and many other aquatic weeds from any lake or pond.  It's easy to use, safe for all ages, eco-friendly to protect the environment, and best of all it's inexpensive. 

The WeedGator® Cattail Cutter Pro is an all new product perfect for cutting cattails, phragmites, reeds, bull rush and other tough brush on your waterfront property. It is designed specifically for removing tough fibrous aquatic plants. It is safe and easy to use, eco-friendly to protect the surrounding environment, and is very inexpensive. It features a curve-shaped blade for easy cutting through the tough stems of brush. It's high-carbon and tempered-steel blade give it greater strength and durability which is perfect for the toughest job. A 4 1/2' marine grade aluminum handle has a ergonomically designed comfort grip which allows for right or left-handed operation. 

The  WeedGator® Products Weed Cutter and Cattail Cutter Pro Bundle comes complete with (1) Weed Cutter and (1) Cattail Cutter Pro.

*Please note: simple assembly is required. For best results with Cattail Cutter Pro, it is recommended to do an early spring cutting as well as a late fall cutting. This combined with freezing can eliminate cattails almost completely. 
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