It’s time to take control of lake and pond weeds.

Are you tired of aquatic weeds ruining the beauty of your waterfront area? Have you been disappointed by weed razors that just don't get the job done? Are you struggling with a weed rake that's difficult to use? Look no further! WeedGator® Products are here to solve all your aquatic weed problems. We're delighted to have you here, exploring our range of solutions for aquatic weed removal.

Why choose WeedGator® Products? We outperform all manual aquatic weed shears, cutters, rakes, skimmers, harvesters, tillers, and mats. Our lightweight and compact tools are not only effective but also affordable, safe, and incredibly easy to operate. We believe in caring for the environment, which is why all our products are eco-friendly.

Don't just take our word for it! Take a look at these impressive before and after pictures. With WeedGator® Products, you too can achieve success in reclaiming your waterfront from stubborn aquatic weeds.

Look at these before and after pics. You'll have success like this too!

Before image of waterfront with overgrown weeds
After picture of a beautiful waterfront area without weeds.  

    Original WeedGator® Products Weed Cutter

    WeedGator Products Weed Cutter - Remove Lake and Pond Weeds Safely

    The WeedGator® Products Weed Cutter is the #1 alternative to harsh chemicals for removing all aquatic weeds in lakes and ponds.

    The WeedGator® Weed Cutter is the #1 aquatic weed cutter and rake available today. It is designed to perform CPR on your waterfront in minutes, not days, allowing you to enjoy your waterfront the same day! It will Cut, Pull, and Rake all mil-foil, hydrilla, duck weed, lily pads, and many other aquatic weeds from any lake or pond.  It's easy to use, safe for all ages, eco-friendly to protect the environment, and best of all it's inexpensive. 

    Each WeedGator® Weed Cutter comes complete with: (1) 25' marine rope, (2) 15-1/2″ blades with guards, and (1) 5′ marine grade aluminum handle with comfort grip. It can easily be set at 3 adjustable blade angles to best suite your needs.

    The video below shows just how easy it is to use.

    *Please note: simple assembly is required.

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