About WeedGator Products

All WeedGator Products are developed and designed by JZ Design LLC. It began with the original WeedGator® as an alternative to chemicals and other harsh treatments to get rid of troublesome aquatic weeds and has grown into a full line of aquatic weed removal tools and accessories.

In designing the aquatic weed cutter, JZ Design’s goal was to create a product which was affordable, safe, easy to operate and environmentally friendly.

“I have a well on my property. Using chemicals to kill weeds in my pond just wasn’t an option. I decided to find a better way to remove weeds from my pond. The safety of my family and my drinking water was a prime consideration in developing the WeedGator®– Justo Zarazua

WeedGator Products® are an example of American ingenuity at its best. Isn’t it time to make your waterfront property more valuable, more enjoyable, and beautiful without the use of chemicals or other expensive and ineffective techniques? WeedGator Products® are a MUST have aquatic weed removal tool for ALL water property owners!

WeedGator Products® are manufactured in the USA.

JZ Designs – Manufacturer of WeedGator Products
2830 North Seven Mile Road Pinconning, MI 48650
Phone: 989-529-3992 Website: www.weedgatorproducts.com