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Q: What is a WeedGator Weed Cutter?

A: The WeedGator Weed Cutter is a manual weed cutter and weed removal tool that performs C.P.R. on your waterfront. The WeedGator Weed Cutter is constructed of high tech, quality materials. The handle is approximately 5’ long made from marine grade polished aluminum. The two (2) 15 ½“long folding blades are made from flex steel and are coated to resist corrosion. The blades’ cutting edges have removable high-quality plastic guards which serve as protection against the sharp teeth when not in use. The brackets and bottom plate are made from stainless steel or aluminum for maximum durability. The nose piece, handle grip, and 25’ rope are also marine grade. All screws and nuts are stainless steel insuring maximum strength and minimal corrosion during the tools

Q: What kind of weeds can be cut with the WeedGator Weed Cutter?

A: The WeedGator Weed Cutter is meant as a tool to cut and remove milfoil, hydrilla, duck weed, lily pads and many other aquatic weeds. It is not intended for use with cattails, bulrush or extremely fibrous plants. For cattails, we recommend the WeedGator Cattail Cutter Pro.

Q: How large of an area will I be able to cut with the WeedGator Weed Cutter?

A: The WeedGator Weed Cutter can reach a 30 ft. radius from where the operator is standing. The cutting path is 30' long by 32-1/2" wide with every toss of the tool.

Q: How does the Cattail Cutter Pro work?

A: Below is an excellent video that shows how to use the Cattail Cutter Pro and offers a great overview of the product. Thanks for watching

Q: How do you use the WeedGator Weed Cutter?

It's simple. The video below shows just how easy it is to use.