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August 23, 2016 Matthew Zarazua

Sent in from Dereck, thanks for sharing!
Indian Lake is in the northern part of Logan county in Ohio. The types of water weeds I had were hydrilla and Lilly pads. The Lilly pad cutter clears the path through the Lilly pads as you can see in the pictures. My house faces west so the pads that don't get picked end up in front of my seawall and re-root themselves. The weeds extended off the seawall to about 25-30ft and around 60ft wide. At first I was like this WeedGator is kinda small being the width of it. Trust me you don't want one any wider. This thing cuts soooo much stuff its all you can do to pull it up on the seawall. As you can see from the mounds of debris I pulled up it cuts everything. My sister owns a small farm so I was able to dump the debris over there(14 garbage cans). I cleaned up all the weeds from my property and never pulled in any fish or frogs or any wildlife. Now the minnows and bait fish are back as well as the big fish like bass, perch, blue gills, catfish are all back. The wildlife returned immediately. Don't let the weeds continue to choke out the wildlife from your waterfront property get the WeedGator I sure am glad I did! Thanks WeedGator.  
Before Pic:Before Picture of Aquatic Weeds Choking the Waterfront Area
During Pics:
WeedGator Weed Cutter in Progress Removing WeedsWeedGator Weed Cutter in Progress Removing Weeds
After Pics:
WeedGator Weed Cutter Saves Another Waterfront Area from Weeds
WeedGator Weed Cutter Saves Another Waterfront Area from Weeds
Dereck Collins
Indian Lake Ohio

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