Using the WeedGator® Weed Cutter in Southern Michigan

June 17, 2016 Matthew Zarazua

Another submission from a satisfied customer. Thanks Gary, we're glad you love the WeedGator.

**This is the absolute best invention which has ever been made. I just bought a cottage on a lake two years ago and bought this wonderful tool and it has made mincemeat out of the weeds I don't want to have sucked up into my boat engine. It is a dream to use because it floats to the bottom like a submarine, and then brings the weeds to you instead of you cutting them and raking them. This company is selling this tool so cheap, it is the best bargain you could ever find. Since using it for 2 years now, I have found it also removes the crud from the bottom, and we are seeing the former mud near shore starting to firm up. I highly recommend this, it is a wonderful invention and saves a lot of time and energy.

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